Retirement & Succession Planning

Retaining, protecting and building on your existing wealth starts before you retire. At Dito, we understand these aspects can be challenging, and our experienced team are able to work with you during this journey in a respectful and realistic way. 

Dito encourages clients to look forward and plan for all outcomes through planning for retirement and succession. Unfortunately, if there isn’t any planning in place, it can lead to wishes not being followed through and families and generations torn apart.

Our team are experienced in working with families, particularly farming, grape growing and rural enterprises, in business restructures and succession planning, and understand that each situation is unique. We recognise this time can be one of the toughest, as you ensure what you have created or been part of for generations continues in a rewarding and respectful way for the next generation.

The Dito team are also able to assist you with receiving Centrelink Pensions upon retirement to ensure you have financial security.

As you work towards creating a plan to ensure the continued success of your business, the Dito team is with you every step of the way.

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We are registered Tax & BAS Agents.

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At Dito, we don't just see numbers - we see people, families, and businesses that can stretch back generations. We're committed to working with you so you can be confident your business and personal accounting will always be looked after.